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Low Flow Toilet, Niagara Stealth Toilet, 0.8 gal. p/Flush (Elongated): Niagara N7717


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Wholesale Low Flow Toilet, Niagara Stealth Toilet, 0.8 Gallons per Flush High-Efficiency Toilet (Elongated) - Niagara N7717 (Qty of 1 in Cart = 1 Tank & Toilet Bowl). Niagara's best low flow toilet at 0.8 GPF (Gallons per Flush), the Stealth Toilet - with an elongated toilet bowl - conserves more water than the standard HET (High Efficiency Toilets) available today. The Stealth toilet saves 37% more water than a standard HET (High Efficiency Toilet) and is WaterSense certified. The Niagara Stealth Toilet has a patented hydraulic technology, and a quiet flush compared to other toilets on the market. Toilet seat not included, but universal fittings accept transfer of old seat.